Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Carnival Cruise

Last month, Jamie and I and the Usual Suspects embarked on a cruise.

Now let me go ahead and disappoint you. For faithful Ford Readers, I rarely hold back anything. However, my better judgment will not a allow me to posts any quotes from our trip. Sorry, it just ain't gonna happen. I'm sure a couple of you are thinking, "Michael, you aren't foolin' me. There were no quotes." Let my response be firm and lucid: Do not decieve yourselves. We were birthing quotes like a Medicaid momma births babies. Quotes abounded from every orifice, and frankly, that's why I'm not posting any. Well, how about three?
  • "Hey look, it's Funship Freddie!"
  • "That's what got us in this situation."
  • "I knock down a couple of drinks of the day, and the next thing you know, I'm on the Lido deck doing the Cupid Shuffle."
Actually, I just made up the third quote, but it would have been a good one had I (or one of the Usual Suspects) said it.

Overall, our cruise was a grand success. While life afloat is delightful at the end of the day, it's always good to be back home. Worries and stress, we permanently declare: bon voyage!

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