Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Deep Thoughts with Michael & Jamie

Does anybody remember the Saturday Night Live skit "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey?" I'm pretty sure Jamie had her own "deep thoughts" moment as we were eating dinner together last night (and might I add, dinner was delicious).

Jamie: When Chaucer burps and poots, it doesn't even phase him.
Michael: What do you mean?
Jamie: Well as loud as it always is, you think he would say "excuse me."
Michael: Jamie, he's a dog. He doesn't understand how to say "excuse me," and that an apology is even warranted.
Jamie: You'd think he'd at least go...(at this point, Jamie pauses and makes an expression. The expression reflects the facial display of a retarded orangutan passing gas).

Oddly enough, we preceded with our meal as if no retarded orangutan passing gas facial expression was ever made. And Chaucer continued eating his piece of ice.

This has been "Deep Thoughts with Michael and Jamie."

(cue dreamy music)

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