Monday, April 19, 2010


Have you ever had that moment when you were acutely aware of the fact that you probably aren't normal? It happened to me the other day...

Jamie and I saw the above video on America's Funniest Videos not long ago, and we both had a hardy chuckle about it. But that wasn't good enough for my lovely wife. Yep, she had to try it herself. At least I can say that I caught on a little quicker than the guy in the video (it's only happened once in a public place and once on our back patio). I know you're wondering: it was a very quick, non-flamboyant dance.

And how about the Jimmy Dean commercial? Jamie and I find it to be really funny. So we've been known to sing to each other like the sunshine man. Of course, Jamie has always been superb at impressions, so her songs are always much funnier than mine anyway. Maybe that makes her stranger than me.

I heard somebody say that normalcy is not something to aspire to, but rather get away from. For now, I guess I'll buy that.

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