Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chaucer Update

Chaucer is doing great! Jamie and I just adore him, and he's brought a lot of energy to our home (bulldogs aren't exactly known for their energy). The Chaucey baby definitely requires lots of love, but we're managing to give him all the attention he needs.

Last Saturday, I took Chaucer to this place for his first veterinary visit. He got his shots and received a clean bill of health. He (like the Winsty baby) received much attention when he was at the vet. One sweet lady just had to come hold him. I didn't really mind that. However she kept saying, "She is so pretty," and "How old is she?" I promptly responded, "Chaucer is a "he." He has a penis." Actually I didn't say that, but I wanted to.

Chaucer's house training is going exceptionally well. We've been very proud of the Chaucey baby! And we've finally had a major breakthrough with his crate training. He's starting to spend the entire night in his crate. So what was happening before he started spending the entire night in his crate? Well...he was sleeping in the bed with us (simmer down, John and Amie, just calm down). With Winston, we did a lot of things we never said we would do with him, but he NEVER got in the bed with us. No such luck with the Chaucey baby. What can I say...he's a sweetie!

Jamie mentioned the other day that Chaucer is so much easier to handle than Winston. I can't say I'm with her on that. While Winston had his moments, I've seen a very mischievous side of Chaucer a couple of times so far. In fact one day I had to explain to Chaucer that if he didn't get a grip, he was going to go from being the Chaucey baby to the Chaucey booger. He straightened up when he heard that.

Soon enough, I'll post some pictures.

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