Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chaucer Has Arrived

Faithful Ford Retort readers, Jamie and I are pleased to announce the arrival of Chaucer E. Ford in our home. Brian and Wendy Frederick, our bulldog mentors (and friends), delivered Chaucer to us on Saturday, February 13. He weighs about 10 pounds and is almost nine weeks old (DOB: 12/16/09). You may be wondering about Chaucer's name, and yes, he is named after the English author Geoffrey Chaucer. Also like with Winston, his middle name is "E." The "E" is not an abbreviation for his middle is his middle name (see Harry S. Truman).

After situating Chaucer, Jamie and I took Brian and Wendy out to eat at this restaurant. Simply said: it's the least we could do. Brian and Wendy are honorable folks and have gone above and beyond keeping the Golden Rule. I must say I am extremely gratified that our common bond is a simple love and admiration for one of the good Lord's cuddliest creatures, the English Bulldog. Thanks again, Brian and Wendy!

It's always been my contention with Jamie that we are so much more prepared to raise Chaucer. With Winston, we just did the best we knew how, often flying by the seat of our pants. Chaucer is definitely benefiting from our past experiences. We've already got the Benadryl elixir and have the correct dosage/administration frequency written on the bottle (1 mg/lb q 8-12 hours). And the triple antibiotic is ready for action. Basically, we're prepared to give Chaucer much more structure early on than Winston had. We've also enjoyed seeing some of the similarities between Winston and Chaucer. They have the very same favorite toy ("rubber tire ball" with bell). And they have the same "chill-out" spot: under the coffee table. The major difference so far? Chaucer relaxes is his bed while Winston chewed his up.

Chaucer is getting accustomed to his new home without any problems. His house training is going exceptionally well. Jamie and I are very pleased with his personality, curiosity, and temperament. His crate training has been a little challenging. About 4:30 am yesterday morning, after an hour of whining, I got him out of his crate, put him in his bed, and slept next to him the rest of the morning. Tonight, he won't get off so easy.

Of course the question everybody is craving an answer to is this: is the Chaucey baby a sweetie? the Geico commercial Ed "Too Tall" Jones too tall? Uh...yeah.

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Daniel Goodwin said...

Glad to see you guys are enjoying your new baby. sarah and I will watching the fordretort for new pics of the little guy.