Monday, January 18, 2010

Visiting with Chaucer

Chaucer E. Ford

On Saturday morning, Jamie and I made a somewhat spontaneous trip to Amory, MS to visit our Chaucer. He was just as precious as we imagined him! The very generous Wendy Frederick graciously hosted us in her home while we spent some quality time with Chaucer, his siblings, and family. If you are interested in an English bulldog, get in touch with Wendy. Her bulldogs are raised as a part of her family - in her home. Wendy and her family love English bulldogs and breed them not to make a quick buck, but in order to spread a love of the breed.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Lucy is one of the late, great Winsty baby's sisters. She is expecting a litter of puppies around the beginning of February.

Georgia is the late, great Winsty baby's mother. I noticed she and Winston shared many of the same mannerisms. For instance, when Georgia wanted attention, she would paw at you (Winston did the same thing). Also like Winston, Georgia knows when there's a camera around!

Maddie is Chaucer's mother (and another one of Winston's sisters). She is tired from nursing those seven pups!

Chaucer will be joining us around mid-February. We are very ready for him and look forward to the energy, fun, and joy he will bring to our home! I can't explain it...there's just something about a bulldog...

And I can't finish this post on bulldogs without a picture of the Winsty baby!

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