Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gulf Shores

The week before Thanksgiving, Jamie and I spent some time in Gulf Shores. Jamie's goal was to shop; my goal was twofold: 1) rest 2) avoid using my brain. Overall, I would say all objectives were met. By the way, this strikes me as a good time to state the best vacation rule that anybody (i.e. me) ever devised: wherever I am is where I'm supposed to be.

While the week was enjoyable, we did have one minor snafu. After we arrived at the condo, I noticed a bill had been left for the owners detailing the replacement of the hot water heater. Great! A new hot water heater that was put in three days before our arrival would certainly ensure I was going to take a refreshingly, hot shower every day. Wrong! After discovering that the absence of hot water was due to a short in the breaker box, the owner's graciously upgraded us to another condo they owned. Of course they didn't send anybody to pack up our stuff for us, so this means we had to pack up and move (cue the guttural growls).

I tell you that story really for the sole purpose of making some commentary. This situation is a great manifestation of the personality differences between Jamie and me. You see, any time we pack up a bunch of stuff in a vehicle (vacation, for instance), my opinion is that we need to make multiple, leisurely trips to unload everything if we can't comfortably unload everything at one time (emphasis on leisurely and comfortably). Jamie on the other hand disagrees. She feels if there is any way humanly (or not humanly) possible to load up the entirety of our crap stuff on one freakin cart, regardless of how cumbersome the load may be, let's go for it (love you, hun)!

I already have a genetic predisposition to being highly suspicious of family vacations (thanks, Dad), so this experience was more than an inconvenience for me. Nonetheless, we did it. We loaded everything on one grocery cart (the carts the condo provided were grocery buggies on steroids). And I pushed that damn cart to our vehicle. I was pleasantly surprised...the contents of our cart fell completely off only a mere 32 times. As I pushed, I explained to Jamie that steering it was about like driving an 18 wheeler without power steering or pushing a wheel barrow without the wheel. But...hey! Jamie said, we only had to make one trip! Jamie really became a bit perturbed with my bad attitude when I asked the lady at the front desk where the produce section was as we passed by her. Jamie told me to go on to the vehicle, and she'd just do it herself. I obliged.

As usual, Jamie and I overcame our one snafu and had a delightful trip (just don't mention anything to her about getting shut out in the Gulf Shores Open). When we spend a lot of time together, just the two of us, I'm reminded that I'm very fortunate to have married a great gal. Love you, babes!

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Jamie Ford said...

Sweet Babes, It's a good thing I am efficient or you'd STILL be making trips to the car.
Also, I think the problem was the driver of your buggy because nothing fell out of mine :)