Monday, August 17, 2009

The Weekend

Hi, my name is Michael, and I'm addicted
to fruit from the vine of cluttered garments.

This weekend, Jamie and I didn't do much of anything. Oh, well let me back up before you get the wrong idea. We did things...just not fun things. Actually, this weekend consisted of me wearing my "migrant worker" hat and Jamie wearing her "slave driver" hat. But before we travel down that road, I won't gloss over the fun times we had with the sis's on Friday night. There was a birthday bash to be had, and we had it (be proud, get a shout out....AND the Usual Suspects weren't involved)! True to form, the dinner conversation somehow turned to hygiene and other unholy topics. But you can't beat a few cheap laughs, can you?

Jamie wrote recently that she spent the weekend "organizing her life." Don't be fooled. This is nothing more than a pretty little euphemism to describe a wretched weekend for me. Jamie worked me like a cheap piece of meat. So we cleaned. And we I washed. And we I ironed. And we threw away. And we tidied up. I will admit that my primary vice for which I suffered is my clothes. They have a certain affinity to scatter themselves around our bedroom. And, yes, they do get out of control. This weekend was almost like being in detox. After spending my life boozing on fruit from the vine of cluttered garments...yeah...I pretty much was drunk. The withdrawal symptoms were not pleasant, but Jamie runs a top-notch detox program.

I'll let you in on a little secret. The real problem? Too many clothes.


cindy jo said...

Thanks for the shout out!!!!

Jamie Ford said...

Thanks for helping me, Michael! You are the MOST WONDERFUL husband, and I am so lucky to have you!