Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Weekend: A Tardy Post

  • Life around the house this past weekend was productive. The grass got mowed, flower beds were weeded, clothes were washed, and paper was shredded. I love it!
  • Saturday night, Jamie and I went to a wedding reception at the Northpoint Barn in Jackson. This band played. Most importantly, I got a sink repair out of the deal!
  • Sunday night, Jamie and I ate dinner with these folks. As I told them, we were excited to actually get to spend time talking with them instead of only reading about them. Of course, you know talking in person is sooo 1990's. In this age of texting, blogging, and social networking, communication among warm bodies is a know...old fashion.
  • Jamie and I talked about the Winsty baby this weekend. We still miss him a lot, but we're not quite as sad as we have been. We have several pictures of him around the house. They keep us smiling!

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