Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Winston E. Ford, RIP

Jamie and I are deeply saddened to announce the untimely death of our beloved English bulldog, Winston E. Ford.

Yesterday afternoon, Winston was acting extremely out of character. He was anxious, panting, and slobbering badly. But at no point did he show any traditional signs of sickness. We had several probable explanations for his behavior, so we didn't become concerned. During the evening, we also consulted with our vet, and he felt like there was no need to be concerned as well. 

Around 10 pm, Winston became very agitated and begin convulsing. We immediately loaded him up and took him to the Emergency Animal Clinic off High Street in Jackson. As we were driving, Winston began seizing. For all practical purposes, Winston died during our 20 minute drive to the clinic. Jamie and I believe we heard him take his last breath probably one to two minutes before we entered the clinic doors.

When we arrived at the Emergency Animal Clinic, the vet was able to revive Winston and briefly stabilize him. Jamie and I spoke with the vet after this, and he made us aware that Winston had classic symptoms of brain damage. Before we could finish our conversation with the vet, he had to leave us as Winston had entered in to cardiac arrest. Jamie and I felt very strongly that the most responsible and compassionate decision that we could make for Winston was to let him go. His suffering needed to end. 

Before we left the clinic, Jamie and I were allowed to spend a few moments with Winston's body. Although it was gut-wrenching to see our once vibrate Winsty lifeless, we felt at peace with the decision we had made. In the presence of his body, Jamie and I verbalized to our Winsty how much we loved him and reminded him of the insatiable joy he gave us. We communicated that we did our best to take care of him and of our great relief that he was no longer in pain. Ultimately, we felt extreme gratification to know without any doubt that Winston knew we loved him so much!

Jamie and I are deeply saddened by Wiston's premature death. We were planning on throwing a party for him for his first birthday. Winston would have been one year old on July 4. We feel a strong void in our life right now. We expected for our Winsty to be a part of our family for awhile. We wanted our children to love Winston like we loved him. We wanted to see him get older and lazier than he already was. And it probably wasn't likely, be we hoped our Winsty baby might have even become a little sweeter. He loved to be a sweetie and get love! You can't imagine what I would give to walk out of my office as I write this and find Winston playing with his toys, lying on his bed.

On the way home, Jamie and I vehemently agreed on this fact: we are extremely blessed! Even in the aftermath of an unexpected life-changing experience, we couldn't ignore the reality that the good Lord has shown His favor to us. He has blessed us individually and as a couple! And let's not loose sight of this: He gave us Winston for nine months!

Jamie and I want to thank all of the kind folks who have contacted us to express their condolences. We appreciate the kindness and sympathy you have shown us. Jamie and I would also like to thank the staff of the Emergency Animal Clinic for their compassionate care and valiant attempts to save Winston. They gave us much dignity in a difficult process. 

As I've mentioned, Jamie and I have decided we will honor Winston's life by doing our best to do what our Winsty baby did best: giving joy to others! Faithful Ford Retort readers, I encourage you to do the same. So I feel it is very appropriate to leave you with this: has anybody seen a Winsty baby?


Alyson said...

With a face SOAKED with tears I write...
I feel so deeply for you and Jamie.
Unless you have loved a dog and had him be SUCH a HUGE part of your family and LOST him you have NO idea...
What loss!
What an empty, quiet, slober free home! An unwanted, unexpected void!
Praying for you and Jamie,

WordsofWisdom said...

Michael and Jaime
We are very sorry about Winsty. Andrew called us yesterday to let us know. We will be thinking of you!!!
Tony and Patti

Candy Anderson said...

Yes, the good Lord has seen a Winsty baby! All dogs go to heaven. And if Scripture serves me well (and I believe it does), you will see and know him, and he will see and know you. Remember Moses and Elijah at the Transfiguration of Jesus? Those who witnessed this event knew that it was, indeed, Moses and Elijah on either side of our Lord Christ. So - some may have their doubts, but not me. I bet Winsty is tearing up heavening dog beds right this very minute.
Mrs. Candy

Peyton said...

Denley and I are both thinking of the two of you. The news when we read it last night shocked and saddened us since we knew of your love for Winsty. We decided the best way to morn was through giving to another. So in this spirit we will be giving a donation to in memory of Winston. This is an organization that trains guidedogs for blind and visually impaired persons. They do so fully through donations. Once again you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Peyton and Sarah Denley

Landon said...

hey guys,
this got some tears going in mine and julia's eyes. i'm so sorry you've lost such a loved member of your family. i never had the chance to meet him, but he seemed like an amazing dog.
we love yall.
Landon and Julia Whitton

Amy said...

Dear Michael and Jamie:

Mac and I are so sorry for the loss of your beloved Winston. Our pets are part of our family and we know the ache of losing one. Know that we will remember you in our prayers.


Mac and Amy Davis