Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Slump

  • The Ford Retort is in somewhat of a Summer slump. But read on. There is a plan.
  • I'm still messing with these folks and their silly standards. Should be done soon though.
  • I pulled off a pretty tight Trace Double the other night. Jamie was a touch peeved when I successfully passed her along with the other vehicle.
  • My brother Jonathan is getting married this weekend.
  • Have you been suffering from the drought of rain...and quotes? Of course you have! Just sit back...relax...and sip them in...
-"I wish Google Maps had an 'avoid ghetto' option."
-"I think I'm just going to call her Lo."
-"You have to remember that they're still over there throwing spears at each other."
-"I'm without a doubt the smartest person I know."
-"He's a loose cannon."
-"MySpace is the Facebook for people who can't list anything under 'Education.'"
-"Dwight is way cooler than he is."
  • Jamie and I have been adjusting to life without Winston. We miss him most when we get home from work or an outing. He was always so excited to see us when we got back home! So while the house is a little quieter these days, Jamie and I have not backed away from discussing so many of the fun times we had with Winston. We loved our Winsty baby!
  • During the Summer slump, I've decided to do a Ford Retort "Best of, So Far '09" series. This week, I'll be directing you to some of my favorite posts from this year. And who knows, I might even throw in a some present-day commentary. Should be a fun and relaxing stroll down memory lane!

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