Monday, June 8, 2009

Homeowners' Association

Let me air a minor squabble of mine.

Living in a neighborhood most likely entails membership/indentured servitude in a homeowners' association (HOA). In theory, these associations are rather innocuous entities. They collect yearly dues to perform duties such as making sure the grass and flower beds at the entrances of the subdivision are cut and maintained, managing pools and playgrounds, and facilitating community-building functions. My neighborhood does have covenants, and while it appears they're selectively enforced, I can't personally report any of the horror stories that I've heard of overbearing HOA's.

On the whole, I'm content with my neighborhood association. They've made no gross intrusion into my life, nor, to my knowledge, have they made any egregiously ignorant decisions. So I'm going to have to assume the members of my HOA became a little bored at the last meeting. You see, they sent out a letter that requesting that residents not blow their grass clippings on the street. Really? And here's why that requests strikes me as particularly asinine. A letter I received before the aforementioned one communicated that the association is lacking over $20,000 of homeowners dues (I estimate that our HOA has a yearly budget of approximately $40,000). Residents are basically choosing to not pay them.

C'mon, guys. Humor me. When you get, oh let's say...99% of those funds, then ask me to stop blowing grass clippings in the street.

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