Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Thief in the Night

After eating here last night with some friends, Jamie and I came home and went to the bedroom...actually, the "upper room"as we continue to sleep on the floor. But I digress. Our early bed time is the most likely explanation of our early wake up time.

Jamie was already in the kitchen when I came down the stairs at around five am this morning, but my entry into the lower level of our humble abode was less than graceful. I'm guessing I missed a step, but I can say for sure that I fell head over heels through Winston's doggy gate.

Although I badly scared Jamie (not for my safety...she thought a thief had come unexpectedly in the night...cue biblical allusion), I'm more concerned that Winston will figure out it wouldn't take much for him to knock his gate down. Oh well.

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