Saturday, April 4, 2009

Winston Update

The Winsty baby is doing great. Thank you for asking.

It seems Winston's weight gain had plateaued for a time, but he is now steadily adding it on now. Jamie and I guess his gravitational pull is somewhere between 50 and 60 pounds. We expect him to still pack on another 20 to 30 pounds. Winston has also made a full recovery from his respiratory infection he had earlier in the year. On a side note, Winston still loves me more than Jamie.

We had a small problem with Winston the other day. May have been his fault, may have been our fault. Not sure. Putting blame aside, Winston somehow managed to free himself from his cage while Jamie and I were gone to eat one night. When we got home and found him wandering the house, free from fear of discipline, the carnage was a sight to behold.

Jamie and I have a small bookshelf in our living area. It's sprinkled with pictures, assorted trinkets, and books. Upon entering the house, we found several chewed up books on the floor. The first was Animal Farm by George Orwell (Stalinism always makes the Winsty mad). The second was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (I found it odd because Winsty is a fan of Twain and Southern literature). The third was the Holy Bible (I must say Winsty's desire to consume the Word is admirable).

Of course books can be replaced. We found the real mess in the guest bedroom. Jamie had left some groceries on the bed that she intended to give to someone else. Winston ate them. We're still trying to eliminate the smell from the Mexican spices he tore open. Oh Winston...

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Jamie Ford said...

Winsty LOVES Tortilla Soup Mix and Kung Pao Chicken!!!!!!