Monday, April 27, 2009


Upheaval! For the next week or so, I'm expecting my life to be somewhere between organized chaos and outright bedlam. The facts as I know them:
  • Jamie got home from the beach last night. Of course, you can't have it together when you just get home from the beach.
  • I spent much of yesterday emptying our bathroom because, in mere moments, some folks from this place are coming to begin a renovation of our master bathroom. I'll be excited about this 10-14 days from now, but for the next 10-14 days, Jamie and I will be displaced from our bedroom and bathroom (I had no idea I had that much hair depoofer in our bathroom). Since our guest bedroom contains a double bed (we have a king size in our bedroom), we are opting to sleep on the floor in the extra room above our garage. Sleeping in that double bed is simply not an option...especially when viable alternatives exist such as sleeping on an ant bed or in a pool of hot turpentine or on a fresh roll of industrial sand paper.
  • This is Jamie's "long week" at work. Somebody has to take care of meek and lowly babies! And for me, some sea snail serum big-wig is showing up at the office promising to take us national, so we have to be on our best behavior. We don't do that well.
  • Quote from Jamie last night: "Although I know our bedroom and bathroom will get dirty over the course of the renovation, there's no reason our living room and kitchen have to get out of control." Faithful Ford Retort readers, I'm forecasting a bad week...

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