Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Notes & Asides

  • For several reasons, I get really miffed when I read about these pirates attacking American sea vessels. Let me give you a very simple description of what American foreign policy needs to be: if an individual (terrorists, anarchist, pirate, etc) attacks an American on foreign soil or seas, the United States government will stop at nothing to kill the perpetrator and his family. Is that narrow minded? Absofreakinlutley!
  • Well, my friend Jason is somewhat of a mini celebrity. At least in my book. Thanks to Jason, the word "spondo" is now a part of Check it out here.
  • A belated but nonetheless hearty congratulations goes out to Sarah Denley and Peyton Herrington. They have a new baby girl, Ann Peyton. She's precious!
  • If I tell you how I'm freaking starving, and that I've only eaten a small muffin today, don't tell me how you've only eaten half of a saltine cracker.'s not a competition. It's about me and my needs. Get it?
  • I've recently become very paranoid about mail delivered via the USPS. I've received what seems to be a rather large amount of mail in my mailbox that's not addressed to me. Most of the time, it belongs to a nearby neighbor. Sometimes it doesn't. So I've deduced that a large amount of my mail is probably delivered to other folks. Maybe to a nearby neighbor. Maybe not. I've recently been on a crusade to get all my mail delivered to me electronically. You see...conservatives are environmentally conscious.
  • Read this post from my cousin Amy. You'll be blessed!
  • When I was in the shower this morning, I randomly looked down and saw Winston sitting at the shower door. No big deal...other than the fact that Jamie wasn't home and I thought I put Winston in his cage. I proceeded to turn the water off and said, "Winston, go to your cage." He got up and slowly left the room. Hmmm. When I finished my shower and dried off, I strolled out to the den and found Winston napping in his cage. Good Winsty baby!

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Landon said...

man i get worried about the post office too. especially during invitation sending time for wedding. also, i bought a computer online and ups set it outside my door.. no signing for it or anything, just left it out there. ouch. man, mail... you just can't trust it...