Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh What a Time!

There's an old gospel song titled, "Oh What a Time," and I can't think of a more appropriate set of words to open up this post. Whatcha think, Amanda?

Well on Friday night, an interesting...oh what's the word....amalgam...of the Usual Suspects got together. Only 66% of the group was present (I'll round it up to 75% since I was there), but although we lacked two members due to beach time and good-lookin' German women, we did not experience a paucity ("Never Seen That Word Before" toolbar, John) of notable quotations. That's right: 75% of the Usual Suspects without a doubt produced 150% of great quotes. So without further adieu...

If you were with Jamie (telephonically for about 60 seconds), the other 75% of the Usual Suspects, and myself on Friday night, you might have heard these things said:
  • "Amie, where's your foot?"
  • "Tucker just peed on my arm."
  • "Bet you can't put your toe in your mouth."
  • "Obama, Obama, Oobbammmaaaaaaaa"
  • "I wonder if you have to pass boards to get a hair license?"
  • "Let's go to Canton!"
  • "It's not pronounced 'o-dacity,' it's pronounced 'aw-dacity.'"
  • "I want to see the work they've done in your bathroom/They haven't started the renovation yet/Well I want to see a before and after...oh lookie here..."
  • "Do you know what xanthodontous means?"
  • "Amanda and I don't communicate unless we're drunk, but when we are...wavelength!"
  • "You're Dr. John, not Dr. Phil."
  • "He's definitely my favorite 'ad!"
  • "Christians read my blog."
  • "Don't bend over when you drive by that place!"
  • "That kid needs to be on stage."
  • "If the choice is between saving the environment and keeping my crack clean, my crack will win that one every time."
  • "Put that camera down!"
  • "If you won't tell, I won't tell."
  • "There's a sweet, sweet spirit in this place."
  • "Has anybody seen a Winsty baby?"
  • "I've got two letters for ya'..."
  • "I've got a feeling I'm not going to have my dinner sponsored anymore."
  • "Well he used to send me dirty messages, but now he sends them to Al the Tailor."
  • "Hey sawbones, I'm just carryin' on an old family tradition."
  • "It's still just a little too sweet."
  • "It was 4 am in Tunica, and some guy walks up and tells me I'm way too good for him."
  • "Michael, may I have my credentials back?"

1 comment:

John and Amie said...

amalgam: cute use of the term; however, i'm not so sure we are as condensed as amalgam (it is more than just a mixture after all),
plus, some of us are too wide,
others too thin,
some of us rough around the edges,
others too smooth,
but we do all have good surface anatomy, so i guess this time i'll have to let you slide with a 70 for effort, but be cautious next time you entertain words that mean so much to half of mu and bu...