Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Morning Update

There's not too much happening in the Ford household these days except working, eating, and sleeping. Hopefully, we'll break out of this rut soon!
  • Last Saturday, Jamie, myself, the Usual Suspects, and several other friends ate at Bonsai to celebrate Jamie's birthday. We sang Jamie the most pitiful version of the "Happy Birthday" song I've ever heard. Now that I think back, it was really more of a solo by Amanda. But the cake was good!
  • My vehicle is in the shop for a couple of days, so Jamie and I are commuting together to work. Way too much quality time for the two of us.
  • Winston is well. He had a small coughing relapse, but we think it was due to a recent vaccination. Yesterday as we were enjoying some of our excessive quality time, Jamie blurts out, "Oh I forgot to tell you the good news: Georgia is in heat!" Uhhhh. Georgia is Winston's mother. She should deliver another round of pups rather soon. And if you haven't put two and two together by now...yes...we're thinking about getting another one.
  • Last night, Jamie and I went to a baseball game to watch my cousin Caleb. For four, five, and six year old kiddos, it was a rather impressive display of baseball ingenuity. Afterward, we grabbed a bite to eat at this place because I've just about had enough of this place.

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UMC said...

Excuse me... My solo was merely an attempt for your wifey to have "Happy Birthday" gloriously performed for her WITHOUT a running dash to the bathroom. And I succeeded. HMPH

1/2 Bu (the better half if I might add)