Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yard Work

In a moment of the not-to-recent past, Jamie and I spent some quality time in our yard preparing the (very) little landscaping we have for the Spring (hopefully that will change soon). It was a time of pruning and much RoundUp. In addition to the productive yard work and large dose of quality spousal bonding, Jamie and I taught each other a couple of different hand signs. Let me get to explainin'.

While I cut back pampous grass with the electric saw, Jamie helped me gather it and bag it up. That's not a particularly fun job...the gathering and bagging part that is. So in an attempt to be biblical, I left the edges of the stalk uncut so that Jamie could cut them. Jamie got to cut the remainder of the pampous grass with the electric saw, and because she had so much fun operating that very manly piece of equipment, she decided pull out the blower and just start blowing stuff off the driveway. There wasn't really anything to blow off in the driveway, so I'll say she started blowing off imaginary dirt in the driveway.

After I'd had enough of the "let's use our imagination" time, I gave Jamie the universal "turn that piece of equipment off" sign to tell her to turn off the blower. You know...the "kill it" sign. You take your hand and quickly cut it in front of your neck. Well after doing that sign about five times, I yelled out, "Turn that off!" Jamie got a little peeved that I hollered at her, so I said, "I did the 'kill it' sign five times. Did you not see me?" She asked,"What are you talking about?" So I explained the "kill it" sign to her. "Oh," she said, "well here's the 'I've-had-enough-of-your-crap-and-I'm-going-inside' sign," and she forcefully pointed to the door multiple times.

Do you think that Jamie and I should take up pantomiming?.

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Jamie Ford said...

1. The reason I got to cut the last of the bushes is because I am MUCH neater and didn't want them to be crooked.
2. Again, I am much neater than you so I was blowing the small pieces of grass off of the driveway that I couldn't pick up by hand.
3. Remind me to show you the hand signal for "kiss my a..." next time you ask me to help you in the yard. I'll lay on the chaise lounge with Winston.