Saturday, March 14, 2009

Winston is Sick

Jamie and I have sick baby. A sick Winsty baby, that is.

Yesterday around lunch, Jamie calls me to inform me she thinks there is something wrong with Winston. According to Jamie, Winston had a persistent dry hacking cough and was attempting to vomit. His breathing was also distressed.

"Well how's he acting," I asked. Jamie said he didn't seem upset. So I told her just to watch him. He probably just swallowed something he wasn't supposed to. A couple of minutes later, Jamie called me in tears and says she thinks Winston can't breath. "Well where is he," I asked? Jamie said he was outside laying down on the patio chez lounge that we have on our back porch. So I said, "Well just take him a martini and some really sheik sunglasses and he'll be alright." Click...she hung up on me.

It wasn't two minutes later that I get another call from Jamie. "I need to do something with Winston. I think there's really something wrong." I said, "Load him up in your vehicle and take him to the vet. Call the vet once you've left and let them know you're on the way." After we established that was the best plan, Jamie asked me how she's going to get Winston in her vehicle. I told her, "Put him on the phone, and I'll explain to him what he needs to do." Click...she hung up on me.

Two minutes later, my phone rings. Believe it or not, it's Jamie. "I can't find my keys," she exclaims. "Where are they? You had them last night!" I said, "Hun, I don't know where they are. I'm at work. I'm sorry I can't help you look for them. Just keep looking!" She then asks me what she's going to do if she can't find them. "Well grab your canteen, put a saddle on Winston, and ride him in to town." Click...she hung up on me.

Three minutes later, yes...Jamie calls me. She found her keys and put Winston in the very back of her vehicle. She was on her way and she called the vet. "They told me they'd be waiting outside for Winston when I pulled up," she said. I asked, "Do you think they'll have the code cart and stretcher waiting for him?" Click...she hung up on me.

It turns out that Jamie's maternal instincts were correct. Winston does have a severe respiratory infection. The vet shot him up with apparently very expensive antibiotics and gave him oral meds as well. Winston still has his's pretty bad...Jamie wasn't lying. Think of a barking seal. That's what it sound like. But with some TLC, the Winsty baby will be back to normal.

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