Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Year Anniversary

Place me like a seal over your heart,
like a seal on your arm.
For love is as strong as death,
its jealousy as enduring as the grave.
Love flashes like fire,
the brightest kind of flame.
Many waters cannot quench love,
nor can rivers drown it.
If a man tried to buy love
with all his wealth,
his offer would be utterly scorned.

-Song of Solomon 8:6-7

To celebrate our one year marriage anniversary last week, Jamie and I ate at Walker's Drive In in Jackson. And we just happened to run in to some friends while we were there (wink, wink). For this to be my first time to eat at Walker's, I will admit I was not disappointed. In fact, if an evil magical Gennie came to me and struck me blind, made me deaf, and barred me from eating at Walker's...and then granted me only one wish to reverse one of his cruel punishments...I would wish that I be allowed to go back to Walker's. Seriously.

I've told Jamie a lot recently that she's the best wife I've ever had. And I really mean it. So now, faithful Ford Retort reader, indulge me.

Jamie is my wife and best friend. She is the perfect gal for me. Jamie knows me too well - she can complete my sentences before I finish them and can imitate my quirks before I can do them myself. We're so wildly different in a lot of ways that it can be hard for me to understand how we can stand each other. But we do (most of the time)! Jamie is remarkably steadfast and loyal to me. She can do the things for me that I simply can't do for myself. Jamie is strong - her spirit is strong. Her first inclination is always compassion, yet injustice infuriates her. She strives to give me her best. Jamie can always get me out of my shell, and encourages me to never settle.

For such an amazing gal, I'm oftentimes saddened that the best I can give Jamie is my very imperfect love. I know she deserves more than the limits of my selfishness. Love is funny thing in that way.

Is God not infinite in his wisdom? He created the supernal institution of marriage, and from it a bounty of earthly blessings do flow! Life is acrimonious and brings challenges, but we are blessed to bear it and share it with our husbands and wives.

To the love of my life: it's been a good year, so if it's alright with you, I say let's keep on going. Love you, babes!


Jamie Ford said...

My Love...you are the best husband I have ever had as well!!!! I love you VERY much!!!!

Daniel Goodwin said...

First of all, congrats to both of you!

Second of all, think of all the pain you cause the other men who's wives read this post. We're going to have to "one-up" you or else our wives are gonna let us hear it!