Monday, March 2, 2009


Now that my hair is beginning to gain some substantial length, I took a couple of minutes earlier this evening to try out some new hair styles. As of now, I'm wearing my hair basically the way I've always worn it - but I'm brushing it all back.

In the middle of my styling experimentation, I find what I think might be an acceptable hair style. So I prance out to the den where Jamie is watching television and ask, "What do you think?" Jamie's face morphs from the "I'm casually watching television" look to the "I think a meteor just hit our house" look. After a second or two, she says, "You look like Sonny Bono," and redirects her gaze back to the television. I maturely retorted, "Well The Bachelor sucks," and walk away.

How does she even know who Sonny Bono is?

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