Thursday, March 26, 2009

Advice to the Betrothed and Newly Weds

This explains why a man leaves his father and mother
and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.

-Genesis 2:24

As promised:
  • Have a Plan. In my humble opinion, plans are underestimated. Best I can tell, though, they'll take you a long way. A written plan will take you even farther.
  • Living Off Love Sucks. Sorry, afraid that's very true. You need cold-hard cash to buy things and pay bills. Don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise. I had (and still have and use) an Excel spreadsheet that lists every expense Jamie and I have. Every single one. And if our income (net) is less than our expenses, we have a problem. And I, Michael E. Ford, the head our household, MUST ADDRESS DEFICITS IF THEY OCCUR. By the way, we call this a budget. Budgets are a powerful tool; use them!
  • You Marry the Family. Don't delude yourself: you're not only marrying your spouse, you're marrying your spouse's family.
  • Get a Sam's Card. Buying in bulk not only saves you money, it forces you to plan your purchases.
  • Have a Discussion about Household Chores. This is one of the best things Jamie and I ever did. Long before we said, "I do," and cried our eyes out during the wedding (oh wait, that was just Jamie), we were very aware of each others strengths and weaknesses when it came to domestic duties. I basically do all of the laundry in the Ford house. Jamie does all the cooking. You know why we chose to do that? I despise cooking and Jamie detests laundry. Two-four-six-eight, it pays to communicate (cue cheerleader jump)!
  • It's Your Wedding. If you're engaged, you need to read this next sentence about ten times. Their is a strong correlation between the manner in which your family treats you/controls you when you're married and the manner in which your family treats you/controls you as you plan your wedding.
  • I Know You're Poor, But Give. Seriously now, who doesn't need more money? I want give a sermonette on giving, but it's a worthwhile thing. It also helps you learn to live on less than you make. And don't is a lot bigger than money.
  • Have a Date Night. I never could have imagined how busy Jamie and I have become in just one year's time. It's so easy to push your spouse off to the side and never even realize. Always make time to have a date night. The dividends of that investment are invaluable!
  • Get a Winsty Baby. Not really, but he is fun!
Considering libraries of books have been written on this topic, I don't pretend that I've come anywhere close to covering it. These are just a couple of things I've discovered that have helped me. For advice on the "sensitive" issues, you probably need to come see me...

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Sarah Denley said...

how about a *real* baby? Haha, good thing we're the kinda people who heart suprises!