Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Substantive Relationships

Faithful Ford Retort readers have accosted me many times, testifying of their utter delight with the "Natchez Trace Triple." I've spent more time talking about it than I care to admit. I'm even contemplating starting a club or something to that effect. So I thought I would tell you about one more habit I've formed while riding the Trace.

I sense an almost familial bond with the folks that ride with me day after day after day on that federal highway of record. Late last year, I started make an attempt to connect with fellow travelers. One day, I arbitrarily picked a gentleman who drives a blue Ford F-250 with a beef license plate on the front of his truck. We seemed to routinely pass each other at about the same time and place. So I started waving at him. And after a couple of days, he started waving back. We are now pretty good friends, I think...connected by a kind wave of the wrist and hand.

Do I know this guy or even know his identity. No, but that seems so irrelevant. He could be a faithful Ford Retort reader. Sir, friend, comrade connected to me by the trail of Native Americans, if you are a faithful Ford Retort reader, please simply turn the beef license plate on the front of your truck upside down. This is a sure-fire way to confirm your Ford Retort status.

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