Monday, February 9, 2009

Singing with Winston

If you were to randomly enter my humble abode on any given evening, the probability of finding Winston and me relaxing in my recliner would be fairly good. Winston's behavior continues to become more predictable, allowing Jamie and me to spend more time with him, so we allow him to sit out with us most evenings.

I've developed a habit. Maybe a good habit...maybe a bad habit...I'll let you decide. Particularly on the nights Jamie is working, I sing to Winston. He's just so cute! Although he's yet to tell me, I really believe he likes it. You see, when I sing, he lovingly gazes at's a rather queer look really...but I get the impression he enjoys the unorthodox attention.

One night last week, I was singing "Disturbia" to Winston (Other classics I sing include "Hit Me Winston One More Time," as well as "I Kissed a Winsty Baby and I Liked It." And let's not forget those great spirituals, "Great Is Thy Winsty Baby," and "A Might Fortress Is Our Winston"). You may notice that the word "disturbia" has the same number of syllables as "Winsty baby," allowing for seamless substitution of the word and name. Although I'm no connoisseur of Pop music, I couldn't help but really belt it out and do a little jive because I was watching the music video on televsion. And I had the volume cranked up! But even over my voice, I did hear the door bell ring.

I immediately stopped singing, dumped Winston out of my lap, and turned the television down. I scurried to answer the door and found a young girl who was selling tickets for a fundraiser. As she told me about the pancake breakfast at Applebees, I couldn't help but gather from her quivering facial expressions that she might have observed more of my song and dance than I would have preferred. The little girl's face still displayed a dash of sordid bewilderment as I gave the "thanks-for stopping-by-but-I'm-not-interested-speech."

This seems to happen to me a lot. That's all I really have left to say.

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Rusty said...

That certainly paints a disturbing picture in my mind. I'll be the rest of the day trying to erase it. rotflmao! If Winsty liked it, he would be singing (howling) with you.