Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jon & Kate and the Duggars

It may be a crazy life, but it's our life.
- Jon and Kate

Jamie is at the hospital nursing babies tonight, so this afternoon, she set the DVR in our living room to record a couple of television shows she enjoys watching. Anytime Jamie is at work, I'm a regular ol' productive Pat around the house, and tonight is no exception. I know I have ironed enough shirts and pants to supply a medium-sized department store.

As I was ironing away in front of the television, the channel flipped to Jon & Kate Plus 8, meeting Jamie's DVR parameters. Seriously, I didn't choose to watch this; it just happened. And it was so much easier than moving all of my ironing to the bedroom (I know, I know...I do protest too much, methinks). As I took in the latest "reality" episode of Jon and Kate and their eight kiddos, I was overwhelmed by the...well...chaos. It was just a little too much for me to handle. Kids acting out...making demands...throwing hissy fits. I know that's what children are supposed to do, but as I blocked out the on-screen pandemonium, my mind drifted to a happy place...

Seriously now, who doesn't love the Duggars? Jim Bob and Michelle and their eighteen children are paragons of decorum, hard work, and organization. Observing their ability to navigate this hectic world and maintain a placid spirit brings me nothing but comfort and orgasmic relaxation. When watching the Duggars, I sense parents who are in control. I sense children who know their role in life. I don't necessarily sense well-adjusted kids who have a modicum of contact with reality, but hey, they all wear matching polo shirts which gives them points in my book.

I will say this for Jon and Kate: their undoubtedly great folks. I also must claim one of their quotes as my own. Maybe I can't say it with eight kid bona fides, but: my life may be a crazy life, but it is my life. A tip of the fedora to the Duggars and John and Kate!

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Jamie Ford said...

You're the one that wants 5 children...you better get ready for the chaos!!!