Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Quick Update

I wanted to give you a quick update on what's happening around the Ford household:

  • During the holidays, Jamie and I managed to make it around to all the households to see everyone. All in all, we had five formal Christmas gatherings. But for Christmas morning, we were home...just Jamie, Winston, and me. Won't say it was half bad.
  • Jamie has had a week off from work. So we've been trying to straighten up around the house. It is a never ending fight to keep this house tidy and clean! Today, Jamie is cooking eight meatloafs and two porkloins (she's been so anxious to use her new FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer). 
  • Winston has a skin infection. In reality, Winston always has a skin infection. Skin infections are just part of being a bulldog. When we picked Winston up from the vet on Friday (we boarded him for our trip), the vet informed us that Winston has yet another skin infection. She said that if we can't get it cleared up, she would refer us to a dermatologist. No kidding! Hopefully, twice-a-week baths, Prednisone, Triple Antibiotic, and a dilligent cleaning regimen will clear up his skin.
  • At 3 pm on New Year's Day, Jamie and I returned home from Memphis (more on that later, just as soon as Amanda sends me the pictures). As soon as we got home, we crashed. At 10 pm, we arose and were wide awake. So from 10 pm to 2 am on Friday morning, we took down all of our Christmas decorations. That's midnight, I was on a ladder outside taking down Christmas wreaths.
  • This morning, Jamie and I attended St. Mattress Baptist Church. Can't say it was half bad. So to make up for it, I was super spiritual and watched FBC Jackson, Crossgates, and First Presbyterian on television.
  • For Christmas, I received about $100 worth of these gift cards. Faithful Ford Retort readers will recall me mentioning it. Neil called me out about it rather quickly. But it's still good to know who my real friends are (wink, wink).

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John and Amie said...

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