Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ford Retort

Believe it or not, one notable news item that was not covered by the major news outlets on January 1, 2009, was the first birthday of the Ford Retort. Yeah, I was slightly taken aback myself too. So at the risk of too much self-indulgence (which has never been a problem on this blog...), HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, FORD RETORT!

I can remember sitting in my parents house last December after Christmas. I'd been contemplating beginning a blogging journey. After all, the world needs to know what I think about stuff. So I headed over to Blogger and GoDaddy and set up the digital framework for my conversation with the universe (cue ominous echoes)! At 9:40 pm on January 1 of 2008, I published my first post, which consisted of "Happy 2008, to you and yours." Simple enough. 

2008 was a great year to write about life. Changes and high points include: 1) getting hitched 2) going to the Big Apple 3) buying a house five minutes down the road from my in-laws 4) honeymooning in Jamaica  5) Jamie's graduation 6) changing jobs 7) the birth and subsequent acquisition of Winston E. Ford 8) Jamie's job acquisition/change 9) and you know, an occasional Thirsty Thursday or night out on the town with friends. 

If anything, I might be guilty of over-reflection. I do like to look back and ruminate on life. Yesterday, I went out on our back porch and laid down to rest. I thought the gentle rainfall would surely be a insurmountable sleeping pill, but rowdy Winston kept me from completely going to sleep. I got to thinking... One thing which always brings me great joy is this: a fresh start. Whether it really does or doesn't, I always feel as if the beginning of a new year brings just that. Yesterday, I thought about what I'll call my "life situation" at the start of 2008 versus the start of 2009. As you can briefly see from the paragraphy above, there's been more than a few life changes. Really, I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all.

In his autobiography, Ben Franklin said, "Resolve to perform what you ought. Perform without fail what you resolve." I've never really done resolutions at the beginning of a new year because I pretty much know I won't keep them. But this year, I'm going take Ben's words to heart: get up everyday and just do what you know needs to be done. I've heard it said, "If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans." In the deep reaches on my mind, I have a little plan in my head. A plan for how I want my life to go. I wonder, just wonder, if everytime I review it, God is sitting in Heaven just doubled-over laughing...

Faithful Ford Retort readers, thank you so much for reading! I thoroughly enjoy being accosted by friends, families, and casual observers who say, "Hey, this or that on your blog was great!" My Dad tells me he enjoys reading the Ford Retort because he feels like he's just having a face-to-face conversation with me. Yes! And for those of you who blog as well, I enjoy stopping by to see what's happening in your life. 

One of the many reasons I write the Ford Retort is to have a medium for folks to keep up with what's going on with Jamie, Winston, and me! And maybe every now and then, you'll get a chuckle or two from a story or sly comment I write. Whatever your motives, I'm just glad to know you stop by my little corner of the world wide web to catch up. I'm looking forward to a delightful 2009. I trust you are as well!

From Jamie, Winston, and me, all our love to our family and friends! Now let's get it on (blogging, that is)!

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