Wednesday, December 3, 2008

NYC Update

It's Wednesday night and Jamie and I have retired to our hotel room here for a couple of minutes. We're about to go here for the lighting of a very large Christmas tree. Look for us on TV!

A few comments comments about our traveling experiences: Can someone please explain to me how an airline can overbook a flight? Finite number of seats. Don't book any more than that established number. There. Just solved that problem. Seriously, we need to get the people who are smart enough to pilot the planes in charge of booking seats on the plane. Also, Jamie and I witnessed a meltdown in the Atlanta airport. One mom, with her two kids and husband, burst into tears and proclaimed, "How is this happening!" I must admit, it was hard not to laugh, but I did feel a certain amount of sympathy for her.

Our first night in New York, Jamie and I briefly walked around the city. Then I spent some time trying to commit to memory, via Google Maps, the streets and landmarks of Manhattan. For the most part, my memory has served me well. But there have been a couple of times I've gotten turned around (one time just plain confused). Jamie has brought this up every couple of minutes while we've been here.

Tuesday and today, we utilized a bus tour of the city. Good choice for us because we can hop on and off at the places we want to stop. Tuesday, we went up to the observatory deck of the Empire State building, stopped at Macy's, wandered around Chinatown, ate lunch in Little Italy, and saw The Lion King on Broadway. Today, we went to the 9/11 museum, Ground Zero, and took the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.

It's been fun so far! Jamie has had to learn about a rule I have when I travel. It's this: wherever I am is where I supposed to be.

Let's chat again soon.

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Amy said...

That's a great rule. And, don't laugh too hard at the mom having a meltdown. All too soon, you'll be having your own. Hopefully, not that publicly. I usually try to at least hold it together until we get in the car.

I'm glad y'all are having fun. I've heard the Lion King is AMAZING!!!