Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Morning

The early bird catches the worm, 
but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Usually, Jamie is proclaiming the first part of the above axiom, and I'm proclaiming the second part of it. Not today...

This morning, we were both very  motivated to get to Jackson-Evers early. Me in particular because well... last night I was deceived by the drive by media. You see, I was watching the news and the reports of holidy travel melees, and I got in a miny tizzy. So we hustled to get here, only to sail right through security and all the lines. Sit and wait.

Would you believe that there are some interesting folks around us? My favorite individual is the shifty-eyed gentlemen reading Good to Great. He's making copious notes in his book but is also making sure everybody is watching him. Then there's the gentlemen with the Sanford and Son ringtone. Oh to be a traveler.

Hopefully, we'll talk soon! 

p.s. This post comes to you courtesy of the of Jackson-Evers Wi-Fi. I feel like the Department of Homeland Security is scanning the contents of my laptop...

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