Thursday, December 11, 2008


While Jamie and I were gone to New York City, Winston apparently forgot his house manners. He has been wild and out of control the last couple of nights. He doesn't obey (he always has obeyed Jamie better than me, but he loves me more than he loves Jamie). He whines and howls when he's in his cage (normally he only does that when he needs to go the bathroom). With the help of this, though, and saying "no" and hitting him approximately 235 times since we've been back, he now seems to remember his home training. Good Winsty!

On a related note, Winston is getting fixed Monday. We're hoping this will curb his aggression...and well...other amorous gestures. We plan on adding to him to our church's email prayer list for the day as well.

Jamie and I also encountered a dearth of manners in New York City. Let's see...there was the time that a cab driver told me I didn't tip him enough (I know you're wondering what I did...I looked him straight in the eyes and told him, "If you have the balls to tell me that, I'll give you another dollar"). And there was the time that a cab driver told Jamie she needed to say, "please" (that almost got ugly...). During the time we were standing in line to get tickets to see the Rockettes, one of the staff members of Radio City Music Hall was what I'll call aggressively rude with us. She didn't know, but she was one queer look away from getting her lunch eaten by two rednecks. And do I need to mention the way folks drive and up there?

I've told a lot of folks since we've been home that there's no place like home. Absolutely! I certainly missed southern manners. Remember: be courteous, be humble, be friendly, and don't be highfalutin'.

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andrew said...

Thank legs told me to tell you thank you for getting Winston fixed!!