Monday, November 24, 2008

Winston E. Ford Update

Well, Jamie and I thought it would never come, but Winston is starting to mellow a little bit. Don't get me wrong. He still has moments when he gallops through the house like a gazelle with his ass on fire, but those times are subsiding.

Recently, Winston underwent a habitat (Jamie's word) change. We moved him from his kennel to a small hallway by our laundry room (after installing a puppy gate). Winston seems to really enjoy his square footage increase. But if he scratches the wall any more than he has, he's going back to the kennel. 

Winston recently experienced a brief illness. He didn't have much of an appetite and had more than one...oh let's say runny...accident in the house. He has recovered from that. Also, Winston must be the cleanest dog in the neighborhood. Not only have we spent more money on his healthcare than we've spent on our own, I wash either his towels or bedding (yes, he has bedding for his bed) at least once a day. No exageration. And this kills me - Winston loves when Jamie bathes him.

Jamie is now finally admitting that Winston loves me more than he loves her. That dog must spend every waking moment thinking and hoping that he's going to get to sit with me in my recliner. Jamie still insists that he obeys her more...not sure of that.

Winston still does try my patience. Any time he thinks he can get away with it, he'll dash in our bedroom and hunt down a sock or shirt or shoe to chew on. But I'm handling his antics a little better. It's really pretty simple. I use what's for me a familiar coping mechanism: a Southern Gospel song. 

Well I've had my share of troubles and trials. Sometimes the going gets rough. Ohhhhh. But when Jesus says it's enough, it'll be enough.

You ought to hear me sing it!

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