Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Weekend

My oh my, it was a whirlwind weekend! I'm only good for one of those about once every six months. So finally, some brief thoughts.

After our one night in Bossier City, LA, we attended two weddings this weekend. Saturday night, we grabbed some grub at Bonsai with some friends and hit the bowling alley. Not long ago, Jamie and I established a standing bet whenever we bowl. After that, I've gained a new appreciation for the sport. And by the way, I saw one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen this weekend.

Sunday evening, Jamie and I took a journey together. The journey was simply getting our life back in order. In our combined two weeks of illness, our house (and cars) got out of control. Dirty clothes, and even worse, wrinkled clothes were everywhere. Our belongings had left their homes in our homes. So we took our vehicles to one of those self car wash bays, and spent way too much money to wash our own cars.

Jason, yes - the Jason of the renowned YDKS Movies blog - stopped by the house Sunday evening. It's always good to see him because he's just so...I don't know...down to earth! We fed him, but I would like to think he still would have come by even if we didn't feed him.

Then we went to bed. YES!

And of course, is it even now possible to have a post on the Ford Retort without quotes? So say it with me, faithful Ford Retort readers, if you were with Jamie and me this weekend, you might have heard these things said (cue wild applause):
  • "I want to be on the blog." (You made it, Amanda. I had the interns do some research, and if you check out this link, you'll find you actually were in the second post of the Ford Retort)
  • "The Ada Taylor exit."
  • "So how many pieces of meat did you eat? Three? Four?"
  • "You can look at me and tell there's always food in my refrigerator."
  • "Uh oh, somebody just soiled their Depends."
  • "Winston makes that face a lot."
  • "Deacons in moderation; Elders refrain."
  • "In fact, let's go ahead and make another appointment."
  • "I haven't even studied my Sunday School lesson yet."
  • "His girlfriend bit him on the lip."
  • "I think you have to at least pass a test and get a license to prophesy."
  • "Well from the way you're talking, I figure they'll be married by the end of the year."
  • "I'm kind of offended I haven't been invited to preach to this group."
  • "Yeah, I'm a pathetic leader."
  • "I haven't seen that kid in a while...he is just precious!"
  • "If Christ is not risen, we are a pack of fools."
  • "Maybe your pilot light burned out."
  • "Take it from someone who has eaten his words: never say never about what you're dog will and won't do."
  • "This shirt reminds me of my grandmother's arm."
  • "We made it to Bovina - let's pull out the map."
  • "You need to learn to be slow to speak."
  • "Finish the job."
  • "Winsty baby!"
  • "This kid could learn a thing or two about writing songs from Bill."
  • "He's done found religion."
  • "Give me those socks."
  • "Get off the chlamydia sheets."
  • "Are all truckers retarded or just the ones with CB radios?"
  • "This vehicle is leaving at 10:30 am, and who is or isn't in it is completely irrelevant."

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WordsofWisdom said...

Jason never shows up unless there is food involved. A LOT OF FOOD!!!