Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Morning Greetings

Well, I've taken an unintentional sabbatical from the Ford Retort (for the faithful Ford Retort readers in D'Lo, all that last sentence means is I've just gotten a little busy and haven't had time to post).

But I should be back. My sleep patterns have become a little wacky, and I've been trying to catch up on some reading. But I've just got a feeling that this cold weather will redirect my focus. Also, Jamie and I have spent some quality time with Winston. We've learned a couple of things about him. Winston is very afraid of tin foil. That's right...tin foil. Jamie pulled some out in the kitchen the other night, and Winston cowered in fear and lost all bladder control. He was genuinely terrified. It was the oddest thing! Also, Winston becomes very agitated when I eat in my recliner. It doesn't bother him when I eat anywhere else, just in my recliner. Winston has also acquired several aliases from friends and family: Quinston and Winchester.

If I hear the following statements one more time before next Tuesday, I might cram peanut butter in my ears:
  • "Wave the white flag of surrender."
  • "Eight more years of the same Bush-McCain economic policies."
  • "Unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers."
  • "Change we can believe in."
  • "All beef, no bull."
  • "And he voted to raise his own pay nine times."
  • "My friends..."

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