Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Winston and I at the Races

Yes, I'm a sinner saved by grace, and I'm well aware of this. But a sin I've yet to fall into is failing to rest...to recoup...to re-energize. I savor a long, lazy nap. And for me to miss a Sunday afternoon nap is a rarity. Sunday afternoon was beautiful...maybe even perfect. So before and after my traditional Sunday afternoon nap, I spent some quality time with Winston in the backyard. He rolled around and ran around and I scratched his big, fat belly. Boy, Winston and I have had some interesting times this last week. Let me recap one.

Because Jamie works 3 or 4 nights a week, Winston and I are left in our humble abode to hold down the fort on the nights she is away. My routine with Winston on these evenings usually consists of feeding him, playing with him, attempting to train him, playing with him some more, taking him outside to excrete, and putting him to bed.

Last week, Winston showed more energy than he has ever shown before. He always wanted to play. Winston rarely trotted anywhere around our house, choosing to run and jump instead. Last Tuesday night was no exception. I couldn't get Winston to remain calm for even a few seconds. At about 10 pm, I had reached my tipping point with that dog. The only thing I knew left to do was get on my knees and beg him to calm down. But I was certain he probably would have laughed at me. Because exasperation is a powerful motivator, I firmly decided I was going to show Winston he wasn't going to get the best of me.

So here was my plan: I was going to drain Winston of his energy. Since he was following me around biting my knees, I decided to run him into the ground and show him that I had a lot more energy to burn than he did. So, I took him outside and ran from one end of my back yard to the other. One time, I made a lap around the house. The entire time, Winston just chased me. I was rather impressed with the little dude; he hung in there with me for most of the time.

After about four or five minutes, Winston had his fill of chasing me. He was ready (and so was I) to end our charade. So on the last wind sprint in the back yard is, of course, when I slipped and fell flat on my face (the grass was a little wet and I was wearing sandals). No big deal...Winston jumped on me a little bit...then I heard somebody chuckle...then I got up.

By the way, that chuckle came from my neighbor who was sitting on her back porch. I can only assume she was watching me the entire time of my exercise. What would you have done to handle that? I considered explaining what I was doing but decided that might only serve to make me look a bit goofy. And I was exasperated with Winston because he still was jumping up to bite me. Hey, exasperation is a powerful motivator, right?

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