Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Fair

Well, I've put in my time to the State Fair for the year. Thankfully, I've done my duty! Nobody will be surprised to read that I just don't understand the appeal of this annual attraction. I'll go, but only because I'm forced to. Jamie enjoys riding all the death wishes...I mean....rides, and maybe instead of complaining, I should simply be thankful that she had a friend to ride with her.

If you happened to be with Jamie and me and some friends, you might have heard these things said (and I've thrown in a few quotes from the weekend to make life spicy):
  • "Stop acting trashy? We're at the Fair"
  • "Y'all bored?"
  • "She's going to find some interesting pictures on her camera."
  • "Let's show them we know how to have a good time!"
  • "If I could just get her off the antibiotic..."
  • "Now when y'all see all that water, just get a grip."
  • "Are you racist?"
  • "So I hear y'all aren't going to Memphis."
  • "I'm getting the silent treatment."
  • "Meet us by the half women/half snake."
  • "Ok, now if we see her again, you have to get a picture with her."

1 comment:

John said...

Awwww, i'm sad! you didnt have to rub it in... thanks for my treat!! it will be a long night, and i'll need it! i heard you couldn't resist riding that one ride...