Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quotes: Weekend Edition

  • "If my water bill goes up, I'll know why."
  • "It is not convenient for me. I'm on red."
  • "I've looked at the website, and I didn't know there were problems."
  • "Winston just peed on the rug, and then when I took him outside, he preceeded to attack every piece of shrubbery in our yard."
  • "I thought these phones were supposed to be able to follow you to the bathroom and wipe for you."
  • "FYI, my weed eater is working. I couldn't stand the thought of you gloating all weekend."
  • "My only question is when does the training conference go back to Las Vegas."
  • "I don't like all this workin' late."
  • "Winston...NO!!!"
  • "I know you can't appreciate it, but we got some really nice Christmas stuff."
  • "Well I've got a lawyer friend - he's a Scott County Public defender."
  • "You should have gotten a cheap one like me. You had fair warning."
  • "In our household, eating poop is looked down upon."
  • "You suggested that literally years ago, right?"
  • "Your hair isn't gonna look like (insert name here), right?"
  • "The problem is that it was built on an old platform."
  • "I actually take Tyler out to eat because I try to learn something from him each time."

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UMC said...

No excuses... There is no reason why you and Winston did not make a post yesterday! I don't like this new job!