Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thoughts on Winston

Well, I think I've spanked Winston enough for an eternity.

Mrs. Ford and I are certain that Winston understands that when we take him outside, he's supposed to go to the bathroom - he does that well. But just when we think he's getting the idea about inside vs. outside, we'll find a yellow spot on the rug. Oh Winston, I hope you get the hang of this soon. I keep reminding myself he still is a puppy after all.

I was chatting with my neighbor yesterday afternoon, and she boosted my confidence by telling me that she house-trained her dog in about 3 days...with only 2 accidents. Well congratustinkinlations. Of course, her dog is an uppity-looking, metrosexual acting dog (he prances when he walks). I'm sure he poops odorless turds, barks in French, and most likely plans to vote for Obama.

I genuinely distaste disciplining Winston. It's a lot of trouble, but I know it must be done. I feel bad. I wonder if he simply doesn't have complete bladder control. Or we're not taking him out enough (I'm almost certain that is not the problem). Maybe he doesn't feel loved and is doing anything to get attention. Oh...and then, that pitiful face he makes as he hides under the chair...just gut-wrenching. Believe it or not, I'm not totally heartless!

On a positive note, Winston is starting to understand and respond to commands. I remember the first time Jamie called me and told me she couldn't get him to behave. She called me and said he wouldn't stop whimpering while he was in his kennel. After some consoling comments, Jamie remained annoyed by Winston and wanted me to do something. So I told her to put Winston on the phone, and I'd try to talk to him. She didn't appreciate my humor.

I have to believe Winston knows he's loved. He gets a lot of care and attention. It won't be long when we miss his puppy days.

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WordsofWisdom said...

I tried to find you in white pages so I could call and leave Winston a message on your number listed. I am afraid you are going about this in the wrong way. I too trained my dog in just a few days...

First of all read a puppy raising book...


Kennel training is best..

Call me if you need help. Get the number from your buddy who moved to California recently.