Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin Speech Notes

Below are the notes I took while listening to Sarah Palin's speech:

The delegates are ecstatic! Now this is real woman power! Shoot us some straight talk, Sarah!

Doesn’t she look great! She exudes confidence and her calm demeanor is so soothing. Is that an accent of some sort? Alright, stop buttering John’s buns…we want to hear you! Baby’s daddy looks uncomfortable!

Snow machine racer? I think that’s the Alaskan equivalent of a NASCAR driver. What’s a haberdasher? Difference between a hockey mom and pit bull? Lipstick. I’m waiting for her to pop open a beer.

You know, certain world leaders had a crush on Condoleezza Rice. I wonder if Vladimir Putin will have a thing for Sarah? Sell the state plane on Ebay? Now that's fiscal responsibility. A woman who ain’t afraid to use a veto pen gets me going!

Sarah knows energy! She accomplished a lot in her two years as governor! Sarah just called out Barry Obama as a diva! And just then…a pseudo messiah. That’s right, Sarah, he does want to raise taxes…but only on those rich people and businesses. You’re right again…taxes reduce personal wealth and potential jobs for Americans.

McCain’s biography is an important and prescient reminder to remember and relish our fighting men and women around the world. YES WE CAN!

This lady is a serious person…a serious politician! She has a history and record, although a relatively short one, as a reformer.

Conclusion: Senator McCain, thanks for picking a conservative!

p.s. After Governor Palin's speech, Jamie and I took a stroll around our neighborhood. Jamie wanted me to document her significant observation: Sarah Palin kind of looks like Tina Fey.


David said...

As a faithful "Ford Retort" reader, i've been anxiously awaiting the comments from the Convention. And yes, a snow machine racer is the Alaskan equivalent of NASCAR. And her beer of choice is probably "Budweiser" The Great American Lager.

Rusty said...

Sorry David...hate to burst your bubble, however Budweiser was bought out recently by a Belgian company. Thats better than Miller though...they are owned by a company in South Africa. Stick to making your own if you want an American beer. I don't remember if Coors is still in US hands or not.