Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Notes & Asides

  • I love to keep Caleb, Colin, and Claire (like Jamie and I did last week)! At the risk of being dramatic, I must say that Claire is majestically beautiful. And very cuddly as well! The boys are becoming very crafty; I'm training them in stealthy tactics through the tried and true occupier of childrens time: hide and seek.
  • As I was traveling Hwy 18 in Jackson yesterday, a elderly gentleman who was wearing a Burger King crown provided for a hearty chuckle.
  • A quick note on change: neither ticket for the presidency is capable of the broad, sweeping change they are promising.
  • I've wondered about this.
  • Sarah Palin governs and spends your tax money as a conservative!
  • And check out these little known facts about Governor Palin.
  • Jamie and I have an exciting announcement to make. After an appointment at the end of the week, I will release the news to you, the faithful Ford Retort reader.

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