Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm a Friend of God & Jesus Is My Friend

I'm kind of ticked off because I ran across the above video earlier this week...and I had every intention of posting commentary on it...but I got busy at work...and next thing I know, Neil beats me to it! Oh well, I guess it's a bit fatuous to be territorial with the world wide web. Hold on a second...stop that, Winston...sorry, Winston was chewing on my toe.

I'm going to proceed with my original thoughts. Here it goes!

If you belong to a "contemporary" church (whatever that is), you've probably at one point heard and most likely sung Friend of God. I have never had a warm spot in my heart or mind for this ballad. Now before you start writing me emails and leaving comments (exponentially increasing the work loads of Official Blog Observer Joe Nathan Snerdley and the Ford Retort interns), just placidly read on.

As soon as I heard the song in the above video, I immidiately thought of Friend of God. Don't pretend like you're not already hearing some similarities. Putting aside the fact the Church is saturated with anthems that flowerfully describe how great it is that God does stuff for man (man-centered worship songs always strike me as paradoxical), I always come away from that song with basically one thought (read: feeling): boy, I FEEL GOOD. The endorphins are kickin'. God, you are lucky to have me on your team.

Uoh, I feel slimy for even having sarcastically written that last sentence. Before I go take a shower, I will entertain the notion that I don't have the correct perspective about Friend of God (due to benign ignorance or a malevolent character flaw). Nevertheless, I doubt too many people have gained a deeper perspective about the majesty of God from listening to or singing Friend of God.

Ok. Now carry on!
  • I'm thoroughly enjoying Google Chrome.
  • Mrs. Ford changes Winston's collar almost every day (I was previously unaware he even had more than one collar). When I questioned her about this, she said, "These collars are his wardrobe. You don't wear the same clothes every day." Then she gave me a dirty look.
  • If you're yearning for political discourse crossed with Christian you go. Good article!

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