Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Circle of Trust

Well, since Jamie was not at home yesterday evening, I decided it was time to have a man to man talk with Winston. Yep, it was time to have the talk with him.

You see, Winston is demonstrating great signs of progress to acclimating to life in the Ford household. He is responding to commands that I give him. I know he may not comprehend my words, but he undoubtedly understands my tone of voice and voice inflections. In short, Winston is recognizing that I am the pack leader - the alpha male - of this domain. I am tough but fair. Commanding respect but giving it as well. Stern but affectionate. Truly, I'm a benevolent leader.

When Winston and I first sat down for our talk, I expressed to him that I had found him worthy of my love and attention. He is a good dog, and Jamie and I have enjoyed making him a part of the family. But that level of familial membership - the unconditional love thing - is actually rather superficial. Indeed there is a deeper level of membership that I told Winston he must attain: the Circle of Trust.

Yes, the Circle of Trust. What is this Circle of Trust? If you strip away the pomp and fluff from the description, you are left merely with this: I will not watch you like a hawk and supervise your every move if I can trust you not to pee on my floor. After I explained this honorable idea, Winston readily acknowledge his understanding of the sacred Circle of Trust. He was excited, exuding an almost arrogant confidence, that he was ready and worthy of joining the Circle.

Yes, I have seen this scene before. Many well-meaning individuals have innocently believed they were ready for the Circle but have suffered an early demise. I told Winston not to be too confident in himself. Why, Jamie herself has just attained full membership in the Circle of Trust (just kidding). After I again reinforced with the Winston the seriousness of this journey, I ended our meeting by reciting a poem I had written for the occasion. It was joyous but solemn, capturing the excitement and gravitas of the moment. I wished him good fortune in his journey.

I will continue to document for you, the faithful Ford Retort reader, Winston's journey to achieve full membership in the Circle of Trust.

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