Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Polar Bear

Weird things happen.

You put 8 socks in the dryer, and at the completion of the cycle, only 7 can be found. George W. Bush successfully completes a full sentence, one with a subject, verb, and direct object. Paris Hilton swears by her fortune that she is a virgin. The price of oil drops to $25 a barrel. The Southern Baptist Convention stops boycotting organizations. The French talk smack. You get the point.

I was cleaning out my back seat today, and I found a tiny polar bear with a red bow tie on my floorboard (it's pictured above). After scouring the depths of my mind, I am at a complete loss as to how this creature made its way to my vehicle. I checked with Official Blog Observer Joe Nathan Snerdley. After a lot of prodding, Mr. Snerdley claimed out and out ignorance about the tiny polar bear with the red bow tie.

Why do I tell you, the faithful Ford Retort reader, about this. Well, I have a prescient feeling that this a teachable moment for me. What valuable life lesson can I learn from this odd event (I am in one of those moods)? After some intense personal reflection, I am making this tiny polar bear with a red bow tie a personal Ebenezer. I will put it in my home office. It will remind me of how little I truly know. I will see it and become one with the fact that I'm not in control. It will remind me of my inadequacies. Silly? I think not! An innocuous and inane tiny polar bear with a red bow tie will painlessly remind me of facts that I am already painfully aware of.

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