Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh Barry

Below are the notes I took while listening to Barack Obama's acceptance speech:

Oh, Barry, you’re so silly… rock star...people thinking with their emotions…the Clinton’s have to be pissed!!

Chairman Dean, he’s been kept behind the scenes of this convention! After all the hype about the Brittany-like Greek temple staging, I'm not seeing many shots of it.

There’s Michelle “Carol Brady” Obama! I can’t believe he’s bringing up his family. But he’s appealing to most contemporary homes in America. I fundamentally disagree with Obama’s view of government (government should respond to every perceived “problem” in the world) and agree with Reagan (government is the problem)

The major American city that drowned? I forgot…Barack is the Messiah…he would have walked out on the water and told Katrina, “Peace. Be still.”

The speech attendees are entertainment hungry, not change hungry. George Bush is the whipping boy of this speech. History will view him kinder. This speech is free of substance.

The fundamentals of this economy are strong! Obama, tell every American worker from whom the government confiscates money from every paycheck of theirs and give it to someone else!! Obama, RICH PEOPLE i.e. wealth producers PAY THE TAXES. THAT’S WHY THEY GET TAX CUTS.

How funny! He’s wearing a flag pin. A Republican could give 90% of this speech. The Republican could change the names and a couple of phrases and give this exact same speech!


Nobody has a God-given right to an education! Sorry. Pay teachers higher salaries? Barry, the states pay the salaries of teachers…something called federalism.

If we accept Obama’s plan for health care, the same folks that work at the DMV and screen our luggage will administer my health plan.

Barry, if deciding when human life begins is above your pay grade, then making decisions about national security is not something you need to be in charge of. Barry, are you aware that Islamofascists desire to kill us? What’s your plan to kill them?

No, Barry, we don’t all put our country first. There are some who will milk the system and be lazy. There are some who will support illegal immigrants so they can pay meager wages and avoid payroll taxes. How is the government going to reduce unwanted pregnancies, Barry?

Criminals don’t follow the laws, Barry. That’s how they got AK 47s.

Conclusion: Barry, you can play all the redneck country music you want at the end of your speech, but you just scared the hell out of Middle America.

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