Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Notes & Asides

  • Quote from Jamie: "You just hit me in the larynx and it made me fart." Yes, Jamie is a healthcare professional.
  • Quote from Jamie: "Somebody needs to pinch their Coleus."
  • Anonymous quote: "Sure are a lot of trees back here."
  • Other anonymous quote: "I was so flustered, I stooped to driving the OleMissmobile."
Mrs. Ford and I spent some time cavorting around town last night. Usually, this is always a fun time for us (because, like me and thanks to me, my wife is crazy funny), but last night, I endured the strangest experiences in this place.

When I entered the store, I grabbed a manuscript to peruse and got down to some hard core relaxation. While thumbing through a book about one gentleman's noble crusade to read the entire Oxford English Dictionary (I seem to have a penchant for books such as this), I noticed that I was surrounded...engulfed... besieged with...well...weirdos.

At first, the gentleman engaged in pseudo-intellectual conversation on his cell phone was just plain annoying. But upon closer inspection, I concluded he wasn't actually talking with anyone...just himself. And that really annoyed me.

At first, I felt sorry for the old man who was propped up by a book shelf near my chair. But after five minutes, my sympathy turned to irritation. Sorry, old man wearing an audacious sweater in August, that you're short of breath, but your huffing and puffing is interrupting my night out on the town.

The night did end with a bang. While Jamie chatted with some friends she ran in to, I socialized with them also by standing off to the side and staring at the ceiling. As I looked around the room, the Cannabis Culture magazine caught my eye. Inspecting the cover, the phrase "mind blowing cannabis sex," also grabbed my attention. Imagine that. Right as I mustered up the courage to go pick up the magazine, Jamie decided it was time to leave. Oh well. There's always the online subscription.

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