Monday, August 4, 2008

Bob Ford: Golf Pro

I'm sleepy!

I sent Mrs. Ford to bed early this evening, but I decided to stay up and complete several unsettled chores. I can't really remember the last time I've stayed up long enough in to the night to see Conan. But I did discover that one of my zany neighbors chooses to wash her dishes on her back porch after midnight (I thought somebody was banging pots and pans on my back porch).

Last week, this article reminded me of an incident that occurred more than once in my childhood.

From time to time, I'd answer the phone at my house and find an inquiring individual seeking to speak to Bob Ford, local golf pro. "Is this the residence of Bob Ford the golf pro?" For most, my turbulent laughter answered the question, but I gave a few dense folks a more conclusive response: no. I figured out after this happened a couple of times that our state does indeed have a golf pro named Bob Ford.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Bob Ford is my dad? And he's not much of a golfer. Only those of you who know him will probably find that amusing.

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