Friday, July 18, 2008

Thirsty Thursday with the M Bravs

Jamie and I joined a friend at the M Braves game last night (to protect the identity of the friend, I will call him never know if potential employers are reading the Ford Retort). If you were at the game with us, you might have heard the following things said:

  • "Hey look, there's Michael, Jamie, and Rufus with their heads under their seats."
  • "I want those in my face."
  • "Jesse, I can't believe you just said that!"
  • "Please don't leave me." (declared with earnest passion that would move the hardest heart)
  • "Yeah, he's not always that trashy."
  • "Let's go, Bravos."
  • "I majored in dairy science."
  • "So how are you doing? Obviously not well."
  • "The eyes always deflate."
  • "Where's Kevin?"
  • "Well, I wouldn't say they grew up with us..."
Jamie and I have some responsibilities to attend to this next week, and we will not be home much. No promises on the frequency of posts. I hope you have a relaxing and productive weekend!

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