Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Return Policy

Well, faithful Ford Retort readers, it feels like it's been some time!

I've had another writing responsibility as of late, and yes, it pushed the Ford Retort aside. Snerdley found out about it and called me a philanderer, but I assured him I would never step out on my readers. Well, yes, the price would have to be right, but I digress.

Jamie went to eat with some friends last night (happy birthday, Brittany, and seriously, hun, get that picture (you know the one) off Facebook) at this place (I think), so I took the opportunity to start writing. And I'm finishing up now.

Mrs. Ford is now officially an RN. She passed boards last week, and I'm quite proud of her! I suggested to her now that she has some free time, maybe she should try reading for pleasure. To my surprise, she was genuinely on board with my suggestion. So she left me at home and ran to Barnes and Noble to grab some books.

I called her on the way and reminded her that if she bought a book that was on Oprah's reading list, I was going to make her return it. Jamie responded, "You can't return books to a book store: how do they know if you've read them or not?"

In that split second, the time it took me for to process her statement/question, my mind literally voided all activity. I stopped thinking. All high brain functions ceased. When I woke up, I asked Jamie what happened, and she said I just fell over and blacked out. Figures.

For the record, I think Jamie was able to return the book; yes, it was on Oprah's reading list.

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