Monday, July 14, 2008

I Cry, You Cry

I confessed a deep, dark secret to Jamie, just the other day I believe it was.

When Jamie cries, it's all I can do to not explode with laughter. Jamie didn't take this well.

For example: last week, I made Jamie mad, and after a heated exchange, she began to cry. Now I'm fully aware that the last thing I need be doing when Jamie cries is laughing. But I can't help it! There's just something about the way she cries that I find hilarious...I just can't put my finger on it. The tone/quality of the laughter is rather normal. She doesn't make any crazy noises or faces. But her tears stir a deep, deep note within my soul. So I have to laugh behind her back...
  • I was talking with a dude I know about how baby-boomers still believe that faxing is an acceptable communication transmission tool. Seriously, if you like faxes and/or find them acceptable, find a good counselor and work through your deep-seated self esteem issues. I hate a fax!
  • I'm hooked on this website! On it, I've been watching the Bob Newhart Show (Chicago, psychologist one). Seriously, I love old school sitcoms. The differences between sitcoms (and television in general) from the antiquated 20th century and today are stark. Any given episode of the BNS basically has one plot; a sitcom/show today usually has two or three subplots. Not to mention the glitz and glamor and fast-paced action and sexiness that today's shows posses (actually, many old school sitcoms contain quite a few veiled sexual references). Television of today vs. television of yesterday may be worth a separate post.
  • I find myself doing odd things from time to time. Like Saturday, while Jamie was working, I started skipping around the kitchen table (began as getting a drink from the refrigerator). Not sure how I progressed from quenching thirst to skipping, but this song was involved.
  • I've developed a new favorite past time. If a telemarketer calls my office, and I see it's a telemarketer from the caller ID (and I'm by myself), I answer the phone with an outrageous British accent. You would think a person who spends their days cold calling complete strangers could handle this, but it usually throws them for a loop.
  • Mrs. Ford and I ate at this restaurant last night, and once again, I was reminded that she is amazing! From Lil Willie Thigpen to the hoxenbaufer syndrome, we shared many a laugh. Love you, hun!

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