Thursday, July 17, 2008

The End of the World As We Know It

*rant on*

Is it the end of the world of as we know it? Probably not.

I was talking with a friend yesterday, and he told me his opinion is that the world is a bit depressing right now. I corrected him and said that the drive-by media coverage is actually what is depressing him.

Are you depressed? Turn off the television. Don't read The New York Times. Seriously, when Celebrity Circus and America's Got Talent is billed to the American people as worthwhile entertainment, how can you not be overwhelmed with sadness?

I'll admit times are a little hard right now. The cost of petroleum is up, the housing market is tight, apparently a large contingent of people think this man is equipped to be president. But what I'm discovering is that the folks who think times really are tough right now are people who didn't live through Jimmy Carter's presidency (or were really young). The Carter Administration: that was depressing! All in all, Ecclesiastes reminds us there really aren't many new things these days.

What I find depressing is the explanations our leaders are offering for our problems today: gas prices have risen because we have two oil men in the White House. No, please don't believe that. It's ignorant (although that would explain why the price of cigars and oral sex skyrocketed during the Clinton Administration). Our world and markets are complex; don't always accept simple answers for complex problems.

*rant off*

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